Macdonald Awning & Shade Products

About MacDonald Awning & Shade Products

MacDonald Awning & Shade Products has the practical and attractive solutions for you to get the most pleasure out of your backyard.

MacDonald Awnings & Shade Products has been manufacturing awnings for over 40 years. In the early years, most awnings were made of aluminium. For the past several years, most awnings have been made with fabric or vinyl, and demand has increased significantly.

This can be attributed to the newer acrylic fabrics, which give the customers more selection and are much superior products. The new acrylic fabrics are water repellent and will last for 15 to 20 years without cracks, mildew or fading.

With over 300 colours and patterns to choose from, acrylic fabric awnings can be beautifully coordinated to match the brick, patio furniture or shutters on the house. Aside from the cosmetic benefits, the awnings also offer added living space to your home.

Awnings reduce the ultraviolet rays by 98 to 99 per cent making it safer and more comfortable to enjoy your patio or deck. They even reduce the heat entering your home by up to 75 per cent which can lower the temperature on a hot summer day by as much as nine (9) degrees. This translates to more comfortable living both indoors and outdoors.

All awnings sold by MacDonald Awnings & Shade Products are assembled locally at the company's facility on Hoffman Street in Kitchener.

The acrylic fabric is shipped in from Sunbrella in North Carolina and the rust resistant hardware is imported from Europe.

Each awning is custom made for the client after a sales representative visits the home or business to take precise measurements and to discuss the various options, designs and colours available.

The most popular awning available is a self-supporting retractable awning, which can be operated with a hand crank or an electric motor. The most sophisticated model includes sensors that will automatically extend or retract the awning, depending on the levels of sunlight or wind.

A visit to MacDonald Awnings & Shade Products' showroom is a good way to learn how to turn your patio or deck into an oasis in your own backyard.

MacDonald commercial awnings can also be found on the store or office fronts of many businesses in the local area and across the province. These backlit awnings are customized with graphics and offer businesses an alternative to conventional business signs.

This type of awning adds a new look to the facade of the business. Examples of MacDonald Awnings & Shade Products' work can be found at Langdon Hall in Cambridge, The Aberfoyle Mill in Aberfoyle, and the Revlon offices in Toronto.